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The production procedures of foie gras have now changed.

When many other companies proceed to warm evisceration (take the liver out of the
animal while it’s still warm) above all for economic reasons, the Maison CASTAING chooses to respect the traditional manners by using cold eviscerated.

Therefore, our foies gras have got an authentic taste, needing few seasoning, as those made by our grand mothers.


Many of you will find the power of a rustic taste in our sterilised and aged foies gras presented in glass jar or tins, while others will discover the delicacy and unique flavour liberated by our half-cooked foies gras terrines.


But tradition doesn’t mean we don’t evolve: with our exceptional quality ingredients, the flexibility of our workforce and our talented partner chefs, we can meet all your demands for the most personalized recipes and offer you very exclusive products.


Choosing your foie gras:

Only 3 types of product have the right to use the name "foie gras" when labelling for sale; they each contains only foie gras and seasoning.

Whole Foie Gras is made from a whole fattened liver, or from one or several whole lobes of fattened liver. This is premium foie gras, sold in preserve jars, as semi-preserved or part-cooked and vaccum-packed.

Foie Gras is made by combining delicate chunks of fattened liver lobes. Generally sold in terrines, it gets an attractive marbled effect, which is much sought-after for slicing.

Block of Foie Gras is made of reconstituted foie gras, which may contains delicate chunks. This type is recommended for appertiser starters and toasts.


Serving and enjoying...

Foie gras should be stored in the fridge in its original wrapping for several hours before serving, and removed 10 to 20 mins before being eaten.

Slice it at the last moment so that it retains its full flavors and colors (50g per person are adviced) and serve on a pre-chilled plate. It is best to eat foie gras at the beginning of the meal, when the taste buds are at their most receptive.

You can serve it with fresh French baguette or toasted canapé bread, but should not be spread on. You may also like to serve with our onions relish or fig chutney with some semi cooked foie gras. And a sweet white wine, such as a Sauternes or a Jurançon would make the perfect finishing touch.



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